I have a clinical and research interest in the psychology of sexualities and in gender identity and diversity, particularly the psychology of men and masculinities

I am available to put together trainings and CPD for those working in mental health and regularly give training for NHS Trusts and private sector psychotherapists and psychologists. In addition, I am able to give trainings on diversity and inclusion and how to build good mental health in the workplace for commercial organisations.

Recent seminars and trainings include:

March 2020
Working with Men:
Meeting the Challenge of Orthodox Masculinity

July 2020
Working with Identity Based Trauma

October 2020
Working with Gender Identity and Diversity:
Towards a Model of Affirmative Practice

Planned for 2021:

March 2021
Narcissism, Gender Roles and Psychopathy and Gender, Power, Privilege

Gender, Power, Privilege and the Therapeutic Encounter


Beattie, M. & Evans, T. (2011).
Holding Breath: An analysis of gay men’s schooldays memories.

Psychology of Sexualities Review, 2(1), 10-24.

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Beattie, M. & Lenihan, P. (2018). Counselling skills for working with gender diversity and identity.

London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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